E Call Control is backed by 25 years of experience in developing telecommunications technology. Our system has been the PBX solution solutions for thousands of users at Fortune 500 companies. We currently service provide solutions for some of the largest franchise systems in the world. Now we're making those same solutions - and that same expertise - available to small businesses that want the features and functionality of a PBX system without the exasperation and the expense. We have our own system.  If you need something special, we know how to get it done. So if your business is ready to reach for the next level and begin communicating more powerfully, find out how E Call Control solutions can help get you take sales to the next level.

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Fair Usage

Fair usage limits apply on our ECallControl Unlimited usage plans. Fair usage is defined as 2500 minutes of outbound dialing or 6000 total minutes per month for each Internet adapter you have purchased. If your usage averages more than 2500 minutes of outbound dialing or 6000 minutes of total usage per adapter, you may be provided with the option of purchasing additional adapters in order to conform with the monthly average usage policy. Should you not wish to purchase the additional adapters you would be in violation of ECallControl’s fair usage limits.