Q - Who should use e-Call Control?
A - Call Recording is a must in the service and sales Industry. Service business that rely on phone inquiries to book appointments can't afford to not have call recording.  Many health clubs, weight loss centers, salons, and franchise systems use our services to record calls and monitor employee phone performance and track prospects. Each call recording can be saved for future follow up, review, or even be used to train new employees on how to properly answer your business phone.  Call recording is a must in todays professional sales and service environment.
Several major franchises use our system. Communication is key; so calls can be directed to the appropriate locations based on a predefined schedule through our follow me feature.  If a club has after hours access issues calls can ring an emergency on call number. 5 extensions are included in the plan. Each extension has it's on follow me and notification settings. Personal trainers can have their own extensions.
Q - Do you have a money back guaranty?
A - We have a 100% thirty day money back guaranty.
Q - What happens to my existing phone line and number?
A - During the trial period we assign you a number on our system and ship you an adapter that will connect you your computer or router. You simply plug a standard phone into the adapter and now all inbound calls can be forwarded to this new line. After the end of the 30 day period you can either cancel with us (and we will have the phone adapter returned), or cancel your old service after we port the number to our service. This usually takes 3-5 weeks. You will always retain ownership of your ported number should you decide to change companies later down the road.
Q-Can I use my number sending / receiving faxes and credit card transactions?
A - Yes you can. All inbound faxes are delivered o you via email as a PDF file. We supply you with a print driver where you can install it as a printer and fax directly from the desktop.  As for credit card terminals, we do support most models. For those of you that are paying for multiple business lines with the phone company get ready to see huge savings.

After Hours Greeting.
Many businesses employ a different greeting after usual business hours, advising callers that the office is closed, and telling them, for example, how to leave a message, or what to do in an emergency.
Auto Attendant / Front-End Greeting.
Callers dialing your number can hear a prerecorded message informing them of what company they have reached and what their options are.
Auto Callback
Allows you to return calls directly from voicemail by pressing a single key. No need to hang-up and redial.
Box Rotations
For firms doing multilevel marketing or other forms of group sales, e-Call Control passes callers to the next person in the rotation. Can be voicemails or follow-mes. All under a single toll-free number and administrator.
Call Blasting
e-Call Control permits a user to forward an incoming call to multiple recipients at the same time. First person to answer completes the call.
Call Queues.
Have the incoming call ring at multiple numbers simultaneously until the call is answered. Its the same as "blasted follow-me" except the callers remain in a queue and wont time out to voicemail. Great for a sales centers or during that big promotion.
Call Reports.
e-Call Control maintains a list of calls, including phone number, even if the caller hung up before getting transferred or leaving a message. These reports can be printed to analyze calls. Great for sales tracking!
Call Screening/Caller Announce.
e-Call Control prompts caller to record his name, thus allowing you to either accept the call or send caller to voicemail. You know who is calling before you answer!

"I could not do business without it. It is in integral part of my brokerage and consulting business. The call recording is an excellent feature. It definitely helps me to be mobile in my work and have the conversation available for future reference. "

- Ted Runolds, Business Brokerage

"A gym owner without this is like a gunfighter without bullets.  The only reason a gym owner wouldn't want this is because they just don't understand the value. I wish I had this back  when I owned 17 health clubs.  If someone took this service away today, I wouldn't sleep tonight. "

- Mike Sales

"We put this service in 3 of our clubs and could not believe how much improvement our staff needed. We were able to route the calls to my cell phone and have the recordings emailed to the club automatically so the staff could hear how to properly handle a call."

- Jeff W., Snap Fitness, Ohio